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What people are saying:

"Hypnosis gives me so much internal happiness! A feeling of starting over with such a confidence that everything I've been wanting is on it's way... And all I needed to do, was communicate with the subconscious mind to achieve what I wanted. It's still crazy to me how powerful our mind really is and hypnosis is a gift that we've discovered to achieve our maximum  potential. "  Andrea, Los Angeles, Ca

     "I came to realize how powerful my mind was when it turned against me.  I became fearful and anxious to the point where I was literally paralyzed.  My mind told me my legs were not strong enough to hold me up and push me forward, and so they weren’t.  Walking from a parking lot to a building became daunting.  Each step forward came with clammy hands, a beating heart, and nausea.  I couldn’t see any way out of my suffering.
        In desperation, I tried hypnotherapy. My first session brought me a sense of peace I thought I had lost forever.  It gave me hope.  I started doing hypnotherapy sessions twice a week, and listening to the tapes daily.  I had sessions if something specific was frightening me; like the holidays.  The freeing visualizations that I practiced over and over started becoming natural to me; replacing my habit of terrorizing myself with comforting myself. 
        Hypnotherapy releases trauma without having to re-live it, as is often the case in conventional talk therapy, which I tried for years.  In addition to my faith, friends, and family, I depend on hypnotherapy to cope with the pain we all face: grief, illness, and loss, etc.  I’m thankful that I discovered hypnotherapy."  Allison, Los Angeles, CA

​"I loved doing my past life regression with Stacey because it helped answer so many questions and it was very easy. Stacey made it very comfortable and safe. I can't wait to do it again and again. I love my sessions with Stacey!" Anzu, Los Angeles, CA

"10 years ago I became aware of the first symptoms of Parkinson's disease. It was a tightening in the thigh muscle of my right leg. I spent years trying to relax this not with little success. Not until I tried hypnotherapy with Stacey. Se has a professional yet comfortable manner so her sessions feel safe to work in. After only 5 sessions I noticed the "knot" had relaxed and the pain was gone in my thigh. My thanks and gratitude to Stacey for her healing." Joanna, Los Angeles, CA

"Stacey is truly a healer in every sense of the word, she has that “MIDAS TOUCH”.  I have done many types of therapy, healing, hypnosis… you name it and this is by far one of the easiest ways to get out of your own way.  Blocks that have prevented me from moving forward in many different areas of my life, are truly cleared up.  Tapping is so easy and a you feel a bit kookie the first time, but once you see that the results are life changing, you can’t wait to tap away.  Stacey has such a gentle soothing way about her, that the experience is actually fun and absolutely worth it…I’m a believer!!!" Marianne, Los Angeles, CA

"Stacey is a gifted channel and a beautiful spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed her Tapping for Ageless Beauty event and was impressed by the perceptive and heartfelt wisdom shared by her spirit guides. I highly recommend that you experience Stacey's Event and prepare to be amazed." Yvette, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much for having me at your channeling get together. I feel I have another piece to my very complex puzzle! My friend also had some profound realizations. Much gratitude to you and the Ba Rei collective!" Brandon, Los Angeles, Ca

"I went into the session unsure about my future and pretty much willing to give up my hopes and dreams. I was apathetic that I couldn't have what it is I truly desired, and also wasn't sure what I really wanted. I was in limbo and feeling powerless. Stacey identified, in such a beautiful way, where I am on the path towards my dreams and showed me exactly how I asked the universe for this experience. She gave me definitive tools to use to get me from my overthinking, worrying brain, into my heart... Into feeling and creating harmony between where I'm going and the progress I'm making now. I went in lost, and Stacey bulldozed my limiting beliefs. I can't wait to work with her again soon!" Gina, Los Angeles, CA

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